Kelly Greyson

Beautiful and Talented
— Huffington Post

Kelly Greyson is on the "A" list. In fact, several of them: Actress. Associate producer. Athlete. AndActivist for charity. All these pursuits combine to define a young woman of extraordinary talent and substance.

One of the things that always distinguishes Kelly's presence on film is her remarkable athletic ability. She is adept at a wide variety of sports disciplines such as horseback riding, scuba diving, swordplay, track & field, snow and water skiing, football, dancing, rock climbing and many others. Her intense regimen translates into an uncommon grace and authenticity in the physically demanding roles she often plays. In fact, she is one of the only serious actresses in the industry with the physical conditioning and skill to do her own stunts ... which she loves to do! 

Kelly is also a dedicated advocate of many charitable causes, most of which involve helping the most vulnerable and innocent among us ... children at risk. She gives tirelessly of her time, energy and resources to many benevolent organizations. This includes groups that fight human trafficking, care for orphans around the world, and promote religious liberties. Kelly is recently excited to be involved in an organization that helps children with learning disabilities called GemIIni Systems. Kelly believes that we can all live beyond ourselves and uniquely contribute in our own way to make a difference in the world. She also believes that setting such a personal example is the best way to motivate others.

Kelly’s filmology includes:

 Broken Memories (Broken Memories LLC) Kelly Greyson stars in the upcoming romantic-drama “Broken Memories.” Along with Ivan Sergei, Rance Howard and Cerina Vincent. The screenplay was written by Frankie Lauderdale and is produced by Kassi Crews through Broken Memories, LLC with Gary Levinsohn (“Jack Reacher”) as executive producer. Directed by Michael Worth (“Enchanting the Mortals”), Broken Memories” follows a son, Levi, dealing with Jasper, his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. While Jasper fights everyday to remember, Levi is trying to forget and put the past behind him. As the father’s state continues to decline, the family welcomes a beautiful and somewhat mysterious caretaker named Maggie who's presence helps to heal old family wounds. For more information please visit

 Little Boy (Metanoia Films/Santa Fe Films) In theaters April 24, 2015, Kelly plays the role of "Tyra" in this poignant film starring Kevin James (The King of Queens), Academy Award nominee Emily Watson (Anna Karenina), and Academy Award nominee Tom Wilkinson (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol). For more information, please visit

 Woodlawn (Crescent City Pictures) Kelly recently joined Jon Voight, Sean Astin and Sherri Shepherd for “Woodlawn,” A film based on the inspirational true story of former University of Alabama and NFL star Tony Nathan. Kelly plays Shelia Erwin the wife of Astin’s character Hank Erwin, a chaplain and Woodlawn team counselor. The sibling filmmaking team of Jon and Andrew Erwin (“Moms’ Night Out”) are directing with the screenplay written by Jon Erwin and Quinton Peeples. For more information please visit 

 Double Identity (Mutual Film Company) Kelly stars in this spy thriller as a socialite turned CIA agent. Zach Ayer’s screenplay focuses on the daughter of a Washington, D.C., politician using her paparazzi past as the perfect CIA cover. Currently under development with Gary Levinsohn (“Deadfall,” starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, and Charlie Hunnam; and “Jack Reacher,” starring Tom Cruise) as executive producer.

 Unscripted (Mutual Film Company) Kelly plays a young woman so enamored with romantic comedies that she moves to New York City and hires a company that actually transforms her life according to all the cliches of the genre. However, when she runs out of money, she must turn to two amateurs who promise to do it on the cheap. Currently in pre-production, "Unscripted" is the debut feature for writers Sarah Katin and Nakia Trower Shuman. Gary Levinsohn is executive producer.

• Return To The Hiding Place Return To The Hiding Place (Spencer Productions/10 West Studios), to be released nation-wide in 2015. Kelly plays "Lana" in the 13 time award-winning film featuring John Rhys-Davies and Craig Robert Young (DreamCoach). Return to the Hiding Place has been a festival hit, winning 17 awards including a triple crown win at the Bel-Air Film Festival for Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography and Best Director. The film tells the tale of Corrie Ten Boom in Holland during WWII and follows the exploits of an army of untrained teenagers as they meet the deadly challenge of rescuing Dutch Jews from the Holocaust. This multiple award winning film features Rhys-Davies and Craig Robert Young (Dream Coach). For more information, please visit

 Alone Yet Not Alone (Enthuse Entertainment), recently garnered a Five Dove rating from the prestigious Dove Foundation, an organization that provides online family movie and video reviews and ratings. "This film has it all. Both Kelly Greyson as the older Barbara and Natalie Racoosin as a young Barbara are exceptional in their roles," cites the Dove Foundation review. For more information about Alone Yet Not Alone, please visit

 To Have and to Hold (THTH LLC) An historical action/adventure starring Kelly in the lead role of "Jocelyn" along with Aiden Turner (All My Children), Christopher Judge (Stargate SG-1), Mark Dacascos (Hawaii Five-O) and Emmy Award nominee /SAG Award winning actor John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy). For more information, please visit